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INEOS signs 10-year agreement (cPPA) with Eneco to purchase renewable energy from offshore wind farm SeaMade

Largest cPPA for Eneco in Belgium

Borealis signs agreement with sustainable energy supplier Eneco, significantly boosting share of renewable energy used in its Belgian operations

As Tempelman is new CEO of Eneco

Acquisition of Eneco by consortium of Mitsubishi Corporation and Chubu Electric Power completed

Eneco strengthens its sustainable course and further expands internationally with a consortium led by Mitsubishi Corporation as new shareholder

Shareholders' committee and Eneco reach agreement with a consortium of Mitsubishi Corporation and Chubu on an offer for Eneco for a value of EUR 4.1 billion

Eneco and ArcelorMittal unveil Belgium’s largest solar roof

Employees of ArcelorMittal Belgium have the opportunity to invest in more than 27,000 solar panels at the Ghent site

Start offshore construction activities of the final and largest offshore wind farm ever built in the Belgian North Sea

More than 1 million Eneco customers switched to green power thanks to 58 SeaMade wind turbines

SeaMade shareholder Eneco purchases all power generated by wind farm

SeaMade reaches Financial Close for its 487 MW Offshore Wind Farm in the Belgian North Sea.